Skeletal Muscles Remodeling in COPD Print E-mail

This study is designed to evaluate skeletal muscle remodeling in COPD patients. COPD is a multi-organ system disease and generalized cachexia is a well-documented complication that may contribute to morbidity and mortality in COPD. Furthermore, changes in the intrinsic homeostatic functions of skeletal muscles may belie gross macro-mechanical alterations thereby compounding respiratory muscle dysfunction in the setting of COPD. In order to address mechanistic aspects at the molecular level we are proposing to assess skeletal muscle function from fresh muscle biopsy specimens of COPD and non-COPD patients. These muscle specimens will help us assess underlying functional changes in skeletal muscle resulting from increasing severity of COPD and may provide mechanistic insight to associated skeletal muscle disease, in addition to gross morphological changes.

This study is funded by the NIH-HL-072839.

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